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Hikaru no Go

Reviewed by Kurt Feher

Review Edited by: No One if you find an error pleas email me

--Remember as a reviewer I am not telling you how you should or shouldn’t think I am just basically telling you what I personally thought of the anime, the best way you should ever decide if you like or dislike an anime or anything else for that matter is to view it for yourself.--

At first glance Hikaru no Go seemed like more of a children’s anime than a anime that was made for the masses .I would not have watched the anime at all if I had not been referred to it by a friend. As it turns out Hikaru no Go is a very good anime. In the first few episodes you are introduced to Hikaru and a wandering spirit named Sai. Hikaru had meet Sai through the circumstance that he needed money because his parents wouldn’t give him any because of his bad grades. So Hikaru decided to go and look through his grandfather’s attic to find something he could sell. Hikaru finds a GO board (Go is a strategy game that’s kind of like chess but much harder). When looking at the board Hikaru sees something that no one else could and in seeing this Sai is revealed. Sai is a wandering spirit trying to master the Move Of God in the game of Go.

All and all it starts out that Hikaru is kind of freaked out by this spirit following him around… well more aggravated then freaked out. Sai being a Go master that hade died many years ago is very impressed by all of the modern day conveniences that Hikaru is used to. Never the less Hikaru and Sai get along just fine after they have come to an agreement. The agreement at first being that Sai helps Hikaru with his school work and Hikaru plays Go for Sai. Later the agreement changes a bit as Sai gets to be less and less of a help to Hikaru in his studies. But luckily for Sai Hikaru had gotten the taste of the excitement in playing Go for him and now wants to learn to play for himself and not as Sai’s puppet in a scenes.

Each episode is labeled in games (I.E.: Match 1,Match 2…ect). In Hikaru's First match he plays his soon later rival. Without knowing that his rival Akira is a Go player with a very good reputation Hikaru wins the game. After the loss Akira is content to finding Hikaru and playing him again. Turns out that Akira’s Father is one of the Very Best Go players around and has won 5 titles in playing Go. For a few episodes Hikaru goes around playing Go not realizing that he is starting to like it and then when he does realize it he flips out because he thinks that Sai has taken over his body.

After this Akira his rival find’s Hikaru and sees that he is not a Pro level player at all and goes and cries or something. And Hikaru goes on playing to try to reach the level that his rival is at. So as not to disappoint him and make him cry again. After playing Akira a third time in a high school match Hikaru is determined o reach Akira's level and goes and applies to go to a Go school and become a Pro

Over all I would say that this is one of the best anime's I have seen in a while and I would personally recommend it to anyone who likes anime’s. And please keep in open mind the main character may be a little kid but the anime is very good and I expect to see big things for it when the whole series is translated.