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Final Fantasy: Unlimited/ FF: U

Reviewed by:Angelo Elpidio

Review Edited by:Kurt Feher

*Note this is my very first anime review I am writing so please try and bear with me :-P* --Remember as a reviewer I am not telling you how you should or shouldn't think I am just basically telling you what I personally thought of the anime, the best way you should ever decide if you like or dislike an anime or anything else for that matter is to view it for yourself.--

My first impression upon hearing about an anime with the name of Final Fantasy made me think very big and great things. I thought, wow there must be a lot of graphical detail and artwork, a kick ass storyline, badass characters, and a whole lot of extras that will make this anime stand above all animes to date. Unfortunately I was proved incredibly WRONG! I won't lie to you I had held this anime in a very high platform until I saw it. The first thing I noticed about this anime in the beginning of episode one was that there were two "supposed" dragons fighting each other. Now for me what I saw was just crap for Square to have given away their Final Fantasy name to this is just plain sad. I mean the graphical quality presented was just crap, I have seen better animation in "Gundamn", yes I mean the original Gundamn not Gundamn Wing. The 3D animation used in it seemed as if the old staff of the movie "Tron"-Editor note (Tron kicks ass) had worked on it. The dragons had no real smooth texture to them they seemed as if they were microscopic and zoomed in on had major pixels protruding from it.

Next major problem I had with this anime was that I was anticipating seeing some dynamic and badass looking main character/s, however when the main characters were introduced they were little KIDS! AWWWW DAMN IT! Its one thing to have a crappy main character that's an adult it's a completely different thing when it's a plain, average, ordinary looking child. This was crap I thought to myself, and after the first few minutes I was about ready to call it quits on this anime. However, there was one small redeeming factor that kept me watching for a little while longer. The introduction to the 3rd main character (forgot her name, but hey it wasn't an anime I enjoyed so what's the point) the best way to describe her is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. That one character kept me watching just a little while longer to get past episode 1. On top of that there was the supposed "badass" character and he looked almost exactly like Jene Starwind from "Outlaw Star." And the only thing that made him supposedly powerful and badass was this whacked out thing that covered his right arm and transformed (really stupid btw) he had to add these bullets that were like "fire", "Earth", etc. into his gun (transformed arm) and then fire it.

Okay, now to just lay down the lie on how stupid and pointless this anime is it revolves around those three characters trying to accomplish two main goals, 1.) Find the kids parents, 2.) Find out more about wtf this otherworld is (whoops forgot to mention that they board this ghost train [also looks very stupid] to get to this otherworld). Now out of all the monsters they could've come up with to attack the main characters they choose a …. "MUSHROOM!" "OMFG HOW TERRIFYING LETS ALL RUN IN FEAR!" Yes, you heard right it's a stupid mushroom with tentacles, and then changes into a type of man - shroom, with one eye. Personally I like mushrooms so I was like damn that's the ONLY thing that they could come up with… damn they sure as hell are running out of ideas. *Drops head down in shame*

Well overall I guess the best way to sum up this anime is it's for Kiddies! If you are like me who was expecting a DAMN good anime you will be greatly disappointed. I showed my friend this anime and told him my opinion and he gave me a good little description of how Square works with its creations, they are either Hit or Miss. In this case I think this was a Very Big Miss… it's sad to see something this bad with the title of Final Fantasy on it. I can't help but think what were they THINKING!?!?!